Why choose leather seats?

Leather not only provides superior comfort and unmatched elegance; a well-crafted, high quality leather interior can also significantly enhance the resale value of any vehicle.

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Designing your own interior with Pantera
Pantera leather seats
The leather production process
15 good reasons to choose Pantera products

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Pantera – Design your own interior

Step 1: Finish

Select the leather finish you want from our range, which includes leather, synthetic leather and suede.

black seats orange and black seats
Flat black Orange and black

Step 2: Colours

Pick your favourites from an assortment of exciting colours in our range.

black seats orange and black seats
Leather colour chart Thread colour chart

Step 3: Seat style

You can go with a single, solid colour, or choose from a range of 2-tone options (including bolster, face, insert, combo and centre options).

black/blue seats black/red seats
Blue/Black Red/Black

Step 4: Decor

Seat designs can also be customised – we offer both gathered and flat designs finished in your choice of any of a variety of custom stitching and piping options.

piping double stitching seam single stitching double stitching
Piping Double stitching
on seam
Single stitching
on seam
Double stitch
single stitching plain seam
Single stitching Plain seam

Step 5: Insert Options

We’ll professionally emboss, embroider and/or perforate your seats with any design you prefer.

bunched effect suede bunched effect suede
Perforated Flat Bunched effect Suede

Step 6: Logo Options

Accessorise with your choice of logos.

black seats orange and black seats
Embossing Embroidery

For added comfort, you can add seat heaters or seat massagers from our reputable range.

We take great care to ensure that all our leather and synthetic leather products match exactly in both grain and colour. So, if you’re on a budget, you can pick a leather/synthetic leather combo that will look great and save you money.

Call us NOW to find out how you can use our seat selector to pick your favourite colour, style and try out a host of other options.

About Pantera leather seats

We are the sole suppliers of Pantera products to the Australasian motor vehicle industry. The highly regarded Pantera brand includes leather upholstered seats and auto trim accessories of exceptional quality.

What distinguishes Pantera from other auto accessories brands is the wide range of colours and styles available at affordable prices.

Our customers can choose between plain, perforated or bunched Italian leather from some of the finest leather tanners in the world. Each seat is expertly crafted with a range of stitching and embroidery options offered at no extra charge.

Our leather and synthetic leather products are so well matched (in both grain and colour) that you can choose between full leather or a combination of leather and synthetic leather to get that stylish look no matter what your budget.

Making safety a priority

Safety is always our first priority. Our airbag seams are sewn under an externally audited procedure, approved by the Land Transport Safety Authority. This means every airbag seam on our seats is put through stringent safety testing to ensure prompt and safe release of side airbags. Find out more about our airbags.

What makes Pantera leather superior?

Pantera Italian leather interiors are made from the finest Italian leather and assembled with exceptional craftsmanship by a select group of experienced, dedicated and dependable manufacturers.

Despite their enviable reputation as an exclusive product, Pantera products’ exceptional style and quality are now available to an increasing number of discerning customers who demand a little extra elegance.

Check out our leather care product range

Leather Production Process

pattern selection cutting the hide
Pattern selection Cutting hide
sewing leather seat covers
Sewing QC covers
fitting the seat finished interior
Fitting Finished interior
Pantera kit Pantera kit
Fill the air in your car with the natural
aroma of leather
Complimentary Pantera leather air freshener with every leather interior purchased.

15 good reasons to choose Pantera products:

  1. Italian leather from the world’s finest leather tanners,
  2. Unlike factory-fitted leather seats, Pantera products are available in an unsurpassed range of colours and styles
  3. Exemplary craftsmanship,
  4. Safe and non-allergic
  5. Natural leather aroma
  6. Leather discourages bacterial growth,
  7. Ease of maintenance – just wipe clean with a damp cloth and condition when necessary.
    (Compared to fabric seats, which must be totally removed for dry cleaning or completely replaced.)
  8. Natural organic materials allow good ventilation, easy movement and a comfortable ride
    (while PVC/vinyl seats stick to the body, develop a strong odour and age poorly. Fabric seats absorb sweat, smells and are highly allergenic as dust and dirt accumulate in the fibres.)
  9. Rapid reduction of seat surface temperature (see our test results below).
  10. Adds to vehicle resale value
  11. Consistent quality
  12. Safety – Airbag tested
  13. Lifetime warranty
  14. Colour and UV stabilised
  15. Repels dirt, dust and fluids

Seat surface temperature reduction testing*:

Pantera Leather Seats Reduced to 29°C
Vinyl Seats Reduced to 45°C
Fabric Seats Reduced to 46°C

*After 5 minutes of air conditioning, from an initial temperature of 55°C.


Check out our leather care product range