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Could Your Car Upholstery Use Some Improvement?

Is your car upholstery causing you concern? Do the fabric seats in your vehicle look foreboding rather than fashionable? Daily wear and tear can leave your car upholstery looking a little lacklustre, and this can make journeys in a vehicle uncomfortable rather than enjoyable.

At alphalineauto.com.au we have everything you need to make your car upholstery one of the best features of your vehicle. We work with the finest Italian leather, and we make every effort possible in order to bring you the perfect vehicle interior.

Forget Fabrics

Over the decades of vehicle production, many cars have been produced with fabric seats and upholstery. However, with time, fabrics can soon cause owners a number of problems.

Fabrics also have a bad habit of retaining unpleasant odours and liquids, such as sweat. Fabric fibres accumulate dust and dirt particles. Maintaining and cleaning fabric car upholstery can prove to be a nightmare for the car owner.

Although cleaning products have been produced to help maintain fabric car upholstery, it goes without saying that these products merely put a plaster over a recurring problem, and ultimately, the owner will eventually have to consider replacing the seats altogether.

PVC/Vinyl was introduced as an alternative to fabrics; however, this material also has a number of associated issues. Vinyl is renowned for becoming sticky in warm weather, and under tests, vinyl has proven to have a poor longevity. Unpleasant odours are also associated with vinyl upholstery.

Love Leather

The most practical material for car upholstery is leather. Leather is extremely easy to maintain (with the right products and advice) and has much better longevity than either fabric or vinyl. More than anything, leather car upholstery looks and smells amazing, and leather does not share the problems of vinyl or fabric. Leather is a natural organic material with excellent ventilation properties, and when maintained regularly, leather will outlast other upholstery materials.

Any and all passengers immediately notice a leather interior. Rather than withholding a criticism of your ‘shabby seats’, passengers will be quick to compliment your luxury leather interior. Should the vehicle be sold at a later date, interested buyers will immediately be willing to pay more for a vehicle with leather car upholstery (as opposed to fabric or vinyl).

Alphalineauto.com.au has a strong reputation for being the leading suppliers of high quality Italian leather. The team of experts at alphalineauto.com.au have extensive hands on experience, having been working in the vehicle trimming industry for more than 20 years. The superior products and fantastic service has allowed alphalineauto.com.au to become the leaders in our field, and we enjoy strong working relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and of course, our clients.

If your car upholstery is in need of some expert T.L.C then contact alphalineauto.com.au to discuss your upholstery options. You may also be interested in using our online custom seat design tool; please contact us to gain access to this feature to begin designing your own dream car seats today.