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Request A Free Quote Today!

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Alphaline Auto is a leading supplier of Italian car leather interiors and auto accessories (including seat heaters, seat massagers, tonneau covers, parking sensors and much more).

Our superior quality products are available from reputable car dealers, auto trimmers and re-stylers across Australia and New Zealand.

We are the ONLY auto-trimming supplier in Australasia recognised by Land Transport to sew and certify side impact upholstery Airbag seams. We are also approved to deal directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Quality italian leather seats, auto trimming services & accessories you can count on

We have direct control over product development, distribution and quality control, so you can rely on our products. We’re so confident that you’re getting the very best – we back up every product with our 4 year warranty!

We specialise in:

Leather seats & leather care products 4 Year Warranty Parking sensors
Badges Lumbar supports Parking cameras
Seat heaters Seat massagers  

talk to your nearest dealer about customising your auto trim package

They'll show you an on-screen demonstration using our state-of-the-art seat designer. So you can view a host of colour and style combinations before you buy.

Contact your nearest dealer NOW.


Drive in Comfort with Luxurious Car Leather

Would you like to give your vehicle interior a facelift? At Alphaline Auto, we are the specialists in Quality Italian Car Leather Interiors & Seats and treat every vehicle as if it were our own. Our expert team provides a number of professional services, and we have an incredible amount of experience installing and working with high quality car leather. We take sincere pride in our work, so that you can be a proud vehicle owner.

Alphalineauto.com.au offers a wide variety of services including car leather restoration, replacement and re-colouring. We can produce custom car leather seats and we provide auto trimming products and services. Feel free to browse our site to find out more about the services and products alphalineauto.com.au provides, as well as information on the materials we use and advice on how to take care of your car leather.

Looking for New Car Leather?

Have you been dreaming about what your car would look like with new leather car seats? Get creative at home and make your own dream car leather seats with the online custom design tool on alphalineauto.com.au. Try out different combinations with a variety of customizable options, such as colours, seat styles, finishes and more. Make your car leather seats your own by making them custom online!

We are the only supplier of Pantera car leather seats, and we are as proud of our products as we are our services. The fine Italian leather used for Pantera seats is extremely luxurious; and if you would like new car seats but you’re on a budget, we also have synthetic leather that is also of the highest quality. Please contact us to start accessing the custom design tool today to make your dream car leather seats come to life.

Caring for your Car Leather Seat

Leather is a material that must be maintained. Car leather in particular is susceptible to a number of problems, including sweat, grease and ultra violet rays. These agents can contribute to the breakdown of the coating on the leather. Once the coating is compromised, the leather can begin to crack and fade.

Worn leather can look a real eyesore, and if your car leather is looking worn and tired, please contact us to discuss our restoration services. However, with regular maintenance, the right products and some practical advice, you’ll have no trouble keeping your car leather looking like new.

Maintenance is relatively easy; but it must be performed on a regular basis. Alphalineauto.com.au will provide you with detailed care instructions, to ensure that you can protect your purchase. Car leather is actually an investment, as it will increase the value of your vehicle. It makes sense to protect your investment by protecting and maintaining your leather.

You will find extensive advice on alphalineauto.com.au for the best ways to take care of old and new leather; as well as advice on the different types of car leather used.